Our History

A short history of The Lamb’s Quarter. The Bourne family came to the colony of Maryland and settled in southern Calvert County around 1680. Around 1690, the Gantt family purchased a grant of land from the Hall family and settled in northern Calvert County. Twice in the 1800’s the Bourne family and the Gantt family married, and the last marriage brought my great grandfather, Joseph Blake Bourne, to live on the farm owned by Maria Gantt, his wife.
Feeling the need to expand, my grandfather, James Sr., purchased a farm owned by Sarah Gantt, the widow of George Gantt, Maria’s brother. This 139 acre farm became known as Sandy Hill Farm when my father, James Jr. named it in the 1950’s. Over the years the farm expanded to its current size of 145 acres, over half of that being forest. I took over operation of the farm in 1996 and in 2008, added The Lamb’s Quarter as a community supported agriculture project. Until 1983, tobacco was the main crop of this farm. My father began direct sales of beef in the 1970’s, and in many ways pioneered that concept in this area. We continue to sell beef, as well as chicken, eggs, and pork. We recently added lamb to the menu as well. The mainstay of our CSA is our vegetable operation, involving 5 acres of cropland.