Post Script

We knew they were coming, arriving this morning a little after 11am.  A gentle knock on the front door followed by the undisciplined barking of our two dogs (I’m pretty good with kids, cattle, etc, but can’t for the life of me train a dog).  I happened to be in the house, grabbing a couple slices of cheese to tide me over to the dinner hour around 1:30pm.  Jesse and Heather were dropping by to say their farewells.

We knew this day would come.  As we stood out in the barn and chatted, or sat around the table and shared, it was all about the lessons learned over a year of Mondays spent on the farm; the dreams of a young couple to farm in their home state; the life changing vision of growing food and being able to have a hand, however small, in your own destiny.  Heather described her first work experience on the farm – butchering turkeys for Thanksgiving – as “life changing.”  Jesse has had his hand in so many of our projects over the past year.  And now they will load up the truck in the morning and head out to Michigan to begin their new life.

The truth is Miss P and I grow rather attached to many of the people who come here to help on the farm.  Some come to learn, others come to help out, and still others come to simply do something different with their day off work.  Jesse and Heather came with the express desire to learn how to farm.  After a while, I hired Heather to work with us at the market in order to show her how its done.  Both of these young folk can work.  They will do what needs to be done to make it work.  They will need that in the coming years.

We sat so long around the table I realized we were all avoiding the bittersweet of goodbye.  There was still work to do, but not before handshakes and hugs.  And a blessing:

The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord Make His face to shine upon you,

And be gracious unto you:

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,

And give you peace.





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